Where can I download my purchased avatars?


Thank you for making a purchase on the LIV Store!  Here's a quick recap of where you can find your files.


Note: UI may change as the store implements new features

Order complete screen

The first place you can download your avatar is on the order complete screen.


My Orders page

You can view your previous purchases in the My Orders page, once you've logged in.


You'll see a list of all your previous orders.

Click on the desired order and you'll be brought to the order details.  You'll have a list of all the items in the order.  You can click the dropdown arrow to see the product details.

All available files for that product will be listed.


Product page

You can also get a shortcut to the order detail by viewing the product page again.  The store determines you've previously purchased the product in the past and will now show a button to your order.

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