What is an Agency and how do I set it up?

The Agency is your business, whether you're an organization or an individual.  An Agency will have its own branding, currently the Logo, name, contact information, and links to any game stores.

An Agency will allow each individual user to log into their own LIV account and manage listings under the Agency's brand.


Agency page

Your agency page is publicly visible and can be found via store.liv.tv/agency/[Agency-name].  On the page will be your contact information, portfolio, and links to any of your work listed on the Store.

The Agency's information will be displayed at the bottom of each of the Agency's listing.



Agency Setup

Seller terms and Conditions

You'll need to accept the Seller Terms and Conditions to setup your Agency.


Agency information

Setup your information for your Agency, including the name, contact email, and additional links.



Billing setup and Payout info 

Billing and Payout info are detailed in Getting paid by LIV.  Setting up your Billing and Payout info will ensure you get paid and we have the right info for tax handling.




Custom Licenses

You can have your own Avatar License that your buyers agree to abiding.  These custom licenses are optional, LIV's standard Avatar licenses will be available for selection.


Choose your Custom Licenses from the Listing dropdown.


Agency Access

You can add users to your agency as an Owner or member.  Owners are able to change the settings or add new users to the Agency.  





You can set what notifications you'd like and the frequency.  Details can be found in LIV Store Notification settings - Seller






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