What is an Agency

Coming Soon: You'll be adding your payout settings on this page.

The Agency is your business, whether you're an organization or an individual.  An Agency will have its own branding, currently the Logo, name, contact information, and links to any game stores.

An Agency will allow each individual user to log into their own LIV account and manage listings under the Agency's brand.


Agency page

Your agency page is publicly visible and can be found via store.liv.tv/agency/[Agency-name].  On the page will be your contact information and links to any of your work listed on the Store.

The Agency's information will be displayed at the bottom of each of the Agency's listing.



Agency Setup

Agency information

You'll see the Agency section under Manage your Shop.  If you haven't created an Agency or are not part of one, then you'll see the option to create.



Adding members: You can add users to your agency as an Owner or member.  Owners are able to change the settings or add new users to the Agency.  

Adding game platform links: You add store links to games your listed on Steam, Quest, and SideQuest.  You can also add a Discord Server.



Custom Avatar License: You may choose to enter custom License.  The License is selectable when creating a listing.  

Choose your Custom Licenses from the Listing dropdown.


Creating a listing under an Agency

When creating a listing, there's an option to select which brand you'd like to list under.  Select the Agency.

This feature will change soon so that the Agency is the default selection




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