How to list a product - Prefab Avatars

Disclosure: The processes and requirements are subject to change through out the beta.  If you'd like to submit feedback you can do so at


In order to list a product you must have the following;

  1. Be logged in and your profile been added to LIV as a seller.  If you're not a seller and would like to become one you can join the waitlist here.  
  2. Have accepted the seller terms and conditions
  3. Have access to submit Avatar products


High Level Process

  1. Create Listing for your product
  2. Submit for LIV review
  3. LIV approves and lists your product

Create a Listing

Navigate to "Manage your shop" from the profile options.



Navigate to the Listings section of your Seller profile and select Add Listing



You'll be presented with an empty Avatar listing page.  Enter the information for the product you want to list.

General information


Listing name: The name of your product.

Listing type: What type of product are you listing.  Only avatars are currently available.

License: Select to list the avatar with Standard, Commercial, or Premium licenses.

LIV marketing usage: Select if you'd permit LIV to use this asset in various marketing activities like social posts or game trailers.

Categories: Identify if you're associated with a Game Developer or Independent.

Listing Brand: You can choose to make this listing a part of your Agency.  What is an Agency?

Popularity: Please select rare at this time.  We will be using this feature and other options at a later date.

Price:  You can specify a price in USD.  Leaving the price blank will make the product free.

Limited supply:  If you'd like to limit the number of downloads available for the product, you may enter a quantity.  At this time, we do not suggest you enter anything.

Unique purchases: Unique purchases prevents a buyer from making repeat purchases.

Featured listing: This toggle will be used by LIV to identify if the listing will be featured on the store.

Splash image:  The splash image is used on the home page, listing pages, and the first image on the product detail page.

Wide image: 16:9 ratio image that will be used when the splash image doesn't fit nicely.

Description: Describe the product.  You can use Markdown.

Tags:  Tags will be used to help us know more about the product.  Common tags will help users find similar products.  Some examples you can use; kitbash, scratch, Avatar 3.0, VRC Rank:Medium, poiyomi, 


File Management


Preview avatar icon: The avatar icon is the thumbnail that'll be viewable in the LIV app when selecting an avatar.  This icon is not going to be visible on the LIV store.  You can use the same thumbnail that you'd use in your .vrm or .avatar file.  

Preview images of your avatar:  Additional images of the avatar will show on the product detail page.

Preview videos of your avatar:  Videos of the avatar will show on the product detail page.

Avatar source files:  The files that will be downloadable after a purchase.  


Additional Information

Note that the fields and details in this section will be changing based on user feedback.  If you have suggestions on what you'd like to add here you can share that at feedback at or on our Discord.


Polygon count:  Approximate number of polygons in the avatar.

Emotions (Optional field):  Any emotion blendshapes available in the avatar

Compatible platforms: Select which apps the avatar is compatible with.

Custom animations (Optional field):  Any custom animations available with the avatar

Tracking: Select tracking available on the avatar

Custom installation steps: Identify installation steps for the avatar.  Note: LIV's installation steps will eventually be automatically populated should you select LIV as a compatible platform.  In the meantime, you can direct users to the help article Find & Install Avatar.



Submit for LIV Review

While the LIV Store is in Beta, we will be reviewing all listings.

We will be checking;

  • the assets match the description and media provided
  • compatibility with LIV
  • the asset following store guidelines

You will be contacted should anything need to be resolved with your listing.


LIV approval and product listing

Once the listing is reviewed by a LIV employee and there are no issues, your listing will be approved and visible on the store.


You can view the status of all your listings from your profile.



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